2017 Memorial Mass

  • November 6, 2017 at 5:45 pm
  • Holy Name Catholic Church, 89 N 17th Ave, Beech Grove

We will be having our annual Memorial Mass to honor those members that have joined Christ in the eternal rest of heaven.

RSVP to Bob Lynch (financialsecretary@kofc3660.com) if you will be attending and would like food.


Timothy Hayes, PGK 11/14/16
Edward G. Fritsch 12/16/16
Kenneth W. Oberting 01/07/17
Carl W. Holzer 01/12/17
Tipton J. Sweany 01/31/17
Stephen J. Schaefer 02/05/17
Richard H. Feltman 02/11/17
Joseph C. Buergler 02/22/17
Robert F. Metzler 02/28/17
Daniel M. Myers 03/14/17
Henry R. Schonhoff 03/25/17
Eugene J. Liegibel 04/02/17
George E. Jennings 04/12/17
John E. Schwamberger 04/16/17
Richard A. Miller 05/14/17
Dwayne S. Sowers 06/14/17
John A. Miller 06/15/17
Arthur M. Thornbury 06/24/17
Michael T. Bova 07/30/17
Douglas S. Lawrie 08/03/17
Richard W. Lally 08/09/17
Earl R. Riggin 08/18/17
Michael S. Wagner 09/07/17
Donald F. Dickman 09/11/17
John E. Perkins 09/11/17
Wallace R. Robinson 09/14/17
William J. Felts 10/16/17

The officers, members of Monsignor Downey Council and next of kin will celebrate these brothers at our Memorial Mass