Building Sale and Relocation Updates


September 1, 2017

My Brother Knights and Families:

We wish to give you an update of the last 6 Months of activity from the council and Realty Board.

We wish to thank all that responded to the Survey that was sent out to all with the 2017 Dues statements.

The results are as follows:

Do you want to have a Building 73% said yes
Do you want to move to a Church 20% said yes

So with this in mind the Realty Board has been searching for a new home for the council.  The board has looked at numerous locations and different scenarios.  As of this writing the Board continues to look and debate.  If you, see a location that might be of interest please reach out to a Board member, we will gladly review all possible sites.

On June 24, 2017, the 511 E Thompson Road building closed and was re-opened as a Christian Church.  The Sale of the building was $800K and after expenses left the board with $749K.  This money was invested shortly after the sale.  The Board put an investment team together that has the President and Vice President of the Realty Board and the Grand Knight to monitor and report back to the board.

The House function was closed with an overall loss of $30K for the last year.

The Council is meeting at Good Shepherd Catholic Church and we wish to thank them for accepting us.  The Council and the Realty Board continue to work together to meet the goals of Charity, Unity and Fraternity.  We ask that you join us at a council meeting on the Second Monday of each month, or attend one of the events that you will see in the upcoming newsletters.  We ask that you watch the Council web site for news.


David Jackson

President, Realty Board

John Hasty

Grand Knight


March 1, 2017

The Realty Board is currently working with 3 Chin churches, two which are very serious. Between the three groups, we have countered back and forth 7 times.

Also we have shown the building to 2 other groups looking to use the building as a banquet facility. The biggest obstacle for these 2 groups is property taxes and the condition of the building. $73,000.00 needed for the replacement of the roof and the heating and air conditioning, and $100,000.00 plus for updates and deferred maintenance on the building.

The Realty Board is always open to suggestions on how we should move forward. Thank you for your support and patience.

Dave Jackson
President of Realty Board

Building Sale Update and Questionnaire

Dear Brother Knights,

We wanted to take a minute of your time to update our Brother Knights on the sale of our building. Things are going well, but we had a minor setback on the closing date. The city has not approved the zoning at this time. Keep in mind, that approval is needed from the Metropolitan Development Commission and the City County Council. As it stands now, we hope to close sometime in March.

We have established a relocation committee headed by Dick White ( email: rwhite911 [at] He has asked what our Brother Knights want our new facility to be or do we even want a new facility? By taking few minutes and filling out the questionnaire will help us to make decisions on our members’ desires. Please return with your dues statement.

Building update and questionnaire (PDF, 1.2MB)