Grand Knight’s Message – September 2016

Brother Knights,

On August 6th, 4 members from the Council (and 2 significant others) attended the Fishing Rodeo at Gibault. Gibault is amazing facility as well as a very humbling experience. The kids have very interesting stories; but sadly many of these kids are just happy to have someone come and show them a few moments of attention. I would hope that if we continue going there; that next year we could get 15-20 brother knights to attend. We were very fortunate this year as we were able to get $1500 in donations; which paid for 120 Fishing poles and allowed us to give a modest donation to Gibault.

It is September, which means our first Breakfast is Sunday, September 11th. We can use all the help we can get, so those of you who haven’t helped for a while; even helping for a couple hours can be significant.

We are also having a Spaghetti Dinner on September 21st from 5p-7p, and again help is needed.

Keep your calendar open for the K of C Family Picnic which will be October 1st from 2p-5p at the Council. Also in October we will be participating in the Door of Mercy and October 10 is the Living Rosary. Speaking of the Rosary we will be hosting a Rosary each month when there are 5 Sundays, next one being October 30th.

The sale of the building is proceeding awaiting the Zoning approval process for the purchaser. A subcommittee has been established to determine what this Council is going to be, where we relocate and if we build, lease or go to a Parish. Their first meeting was on August 16th with a productive meeting establishing Focus Points and establish a starting point for the committee. The Members of this committee are: Dick White, Art Berkemeier, John Szostak, Jim Milharcic and Mike Dugan.

Scott Crossen, Matt Crossen and Tim McCarthy have volunteer to start the process of inventorying the building. After this is completed and we know exactly what we have and the condition of the items; we will be better able to decide what we can keep and what we can sell/auction off.

We are looking at making the Cross & Compass monthly again. With the sale of the building and many items of discussion coming up; I feel we need to keep the members as update as possible. In the mean time please look at the K of C website The site is still under construction but have a calendar of events. If nothing else, I will establish a blog or time line of information.

As it has been mentioned many times before; we need more input and more participation from the membership. I would ask each of you to think back to why you became a Knight. The Council still has a Mission; despite leaving our current facility and each of you are needed to succeed. From the Brochure “Why should you become a Knight”

If you are interested in helping those in need, serving your parish, growing in your faith, or having access to top rated insurance to protect your family. Then the Knights of Columbus is for you.

Charity is the first principle of the Knights of Columbus. Knights are men who get things done. We volunteer to serve our parishes and our communities. We work together….

Respectfully submitted,
Pete Arcamo
Grand Knight